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VIC Chapter – 'New School' Film screening request

  • 01 October 2021
  • 12:00 AM
  • 30 June 2022
  • 11:30 PM
  • N/A


  • I'm a change agent!
  • AU$400 (plus GST)
  • Code required - contact organisers for more information

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'New School' Film
screening request

Nobody would wish their dentist was like they were in the 1970s. Nobody would go. So why would we like ours schools to be like the 1970s? [Stephen Heppell]

'New School' is an education-architecture documentary [34:40]. This film features a cast of international experts, including Professor Stephen Heppell, Dr Julia Atkin, Greg Whitby and two James MacDonnell Award Winning architectural firms - Hayball and Y2 Architecture.

A promo of the film is available on Instagram at this link

New School is a project borne of a need for change. It is also a document to highlight the work of schools meeting the challenges of the contemporary world. It provides tangible examples of how schools and systems can devise innovative solutions and improve the schooling experience for students.

Providing excellent education is a challenge we face across the world as we prepare our students for the ‘big, hairy, audacious’ problems of the future. This film asks educators, designers, parents and systems to consider how we respond to the complexities of our world.

In this spirit, we wish to share New School with as many viewers as possible.

The film is free to use for LEA individual, company and corporate members. It can be shown in your school or office to help clients change or understand contemporary learning and space. If you run a free showing for non-LEA members, you can show it for free.

Non-LEA members (and LEA members charging for access) will be charged a fee for access. Learning Environments Australasia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to forwarding ideas to improve education through design. We work locally to engage architects, educators and related industry with latest ideas and research. The proceeds raised will help us generate new resources for this work. We want to continue this change and tell stories that matter. We hope you will engage in the film in a similar spirit – to freely share ideas and further the mission toward quality education for all learners.

Members and Non-Members can now register to arrange a screening.

*** Note: Please allow a minimum of one week's notice between registration and the date of your first intended screening unless you have made special arrangements with the organisers. ***

LEA Members:


The film is free to use for LEA individual, company and corporate members. If you run a free showing for non-LEA members, you can show it for free.

* If you are planning to charge for access, the access fee below applies.

Non-LEA Members:

AU$400 (plus GST)

Access to a rental period of 30 days.

Following receipt of your registration, you will be contacted within 1 week with information and a code that will enable you to access the film online.

For queries, contact: vicadmin@a4le.org.au 



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