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NZ Chapter: Learning Environments Discussion

  • 30 June 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (NZST)
  • Offices of Designgroup Stapleton Elliott, Level 3, 89 Courtney Place, Wellington, New Zealand

A year ago CEFPI became Learning Environments Australasia with the vision of improving places where people learn. 

Join us for drinks and a discussion about both what the role is of Learning Environments Australasia is and could be. What are the links between learning/space and what are the big issues we should be focusing on? It’s not just about new spaces, it’s about all spaces where learning occurs.

What is Learning Environments Australasia?

Enabling the discussion will be Chris Bradbeer, Chair of the NZ Chapter of Learning Environments and Associate Principal at Stonefields School. He will show the work done to date on how Learning Environments Australasia can support and bring together educators, designing, policy makers and communities involved in learning spaces. Chris will also discuss what research is being undertaken on the effectiveness of learning spaces.

What are the big issues?

Craig Cliff from MOE and Marianne Calvelo from Stephenson&Turner recently participated in The Mayfield Research Project in Melbourne. They explain what this entailed and lead a discussion on what are the big issues in education and the spaces needed to support learning.

Becoming Involved with Learning Environments Australasia

We will end the discussion with Learning Environments can involve you.

Special thanks to Designgroup Stapleton Elliott for providing the venue and refreshments. This is a FREE event.

We are looking to spread the conversation about learning environments. Please forward on this invite to anyone you can think of that might be interested, be they educators, designers, administrators, project managers or others involved in learning spaces.

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