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Mayfield Project 2020 Report

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How might we reactivate creativity in learning and give space for lifelong curiosity? This extensive report (102 pages) details how designers, educators and facility planners can improve and enhance the spaces in which we all learn, encouraging more creativity and curiosity in any learning environments. Brought to you by the LEA 2020 Mayfield Participants, this pdf is free for all LEA members - you do not need to order here. A link to the publication will be emailed to all members following the Mayfield Project online presentation 12 November 2020. If you are a new member and would like a copy, contact hello@a4le.org.au The cost for non-members is $25 AUD. Purchased reports will be emailed from week commencing 15 November 2020 If you are a new member after 12 November 2020 and would like a copy, please email hello@a4le.org.au
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